ActiveX Errors

141. icHttpCookieDeclined Error 35928 A cookie supplied by the server was not accepted.
142. icHttpCookieNeedsConfirmation Error 35927 You must confirm a server-supplied cookie before the download can proceed.
143. icHttpDownlevelServer Error 35917 HTTP: downlevel server.
144. icHttpHeaderAlreadyExists Error 35921 HTTP: Header already exists.
145. icHttpInvalidHeader Error 35919 HTTP: invalid header.
146. icHttpInvalidQueryRequest Error 35920 HTTP: invalid query request.
147. icHttpInvalidServerResponse Error 35918 HTTP: invalid server response.
148. icHttpRedirectFailed Error 35922 HTTP: redirect failed.
149. icHttpRedirectNeedsConfirmation Error 35934 You must confirm a protocol-level redirection before the download can proceed.
150. icHttpsHttpSubmitRedir Error 35818 You must reattempt the operation again because a security zone check failed.
151. icHttpsToHttpOnRedir Error 35806 HTTPS to HTTP on redirect.
152. icHttpToHttpsOnRedir Error 35808 HTTPS to HTTP on redirect.
153. icIncorrectFormat Error 35793 Incorrect format.
154. icIncorrectHandleState Error 35785 incorrect handle state.
155. icIncorrectHandleType Error 35784 incorrect handle type.
156. icIncorrectPassword Error 35780 Incorrect password.
157. icIncorrectUserName Error 35779 Incorrect User name.
158. icInetIvalidOperation Error 35782 Invalid operation.
159. icInetOpenFailed Error 35750 Unable to open internet handle.
160. icInetTimeout Error 35768 Timeout.
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