ActiveX Errors

121. icDisconnected Error 10 The computer has been disconnected from the network.
122. icExecuting Error 35764 Still executing last request.
123. icExtendedError Error 35769 Extended error.
124. icFailedDueToSecurityCheck Error 35937 The operation you attempted failed because it could not pass the security check.
125. icForceEntry Error 35798 Force entry.
126. icFtpCommandFailed Error 35759 FTP command failed.
127. icFtpDropped Error 35877 Connection dropped.
128. icFtpNoPassiveMode Error 35878 A PASSIVE mode connection was attempted (that is, the original connect request specified INTERNET_FLAG_PASSIVE), but the server does not allow that mode.
129. icFtpTransferInProgress Error 35876 FTP: transfer in progress.
130. icGopherAttributeNotFound Error 35903 Gopher: attribute not found.
131. icGopherDataError Error 35898 Gopher: data error.
132. icGopherEndOfData Error 35899 Gopher: end of data.
133. icGopherIncorrectLocatorType Error 35901 Gopher: incorrect locator type.
134. icGopherInvalidLocator Error 35900 Gopher: invalid locator.
135. icGopherNotFile Error 35897 Gopher: not a file.
136. icGopherNotGopherPlus Error 35902 Gopher: not Gopher plus.
137. icGopherProtocolError Error 35896 Gopher: protocol error.
138. icGopherUnknownLocator Error 35904 Gopher: unknown locator.
139. icHandleExists Error 35802 Handle exists.
140. icHeaderNotFound Error 35916 HTTP: header not found.
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