ActiveX Errors

201. icTimeOut Error 35761 Request timed out.
202. icTypeMismatch Error 13 Type mismatch.
203. icUnableToCacheFile Error 35924 Unable to cache file.
204. icUnableToDownloadScript Error 35933 The required proxy auto-configuration file could not be retrieved.
205. icUnrecognizedScheme Error 35772 Unrecognized scheme.
206. icUnsupportedCommand Error 35762 Not a valid or supported command.
207. icUnsupportedType Error 35760 Cannot coerce type.
208. icWouldBlock Error 35800 Would block.
209. mapAccessDenied Error 32006 Access denied.
210. mapAmbiguousRecipient Error 32021 Ambiguous recipient.
211. mapAmbiguousRecipient Error 32021 One or more recipient addresses are invalid. Make sure the addresses for the RecipAddress property are valid.
212. mapAttachmentNotFound Error 32011 Attachment not found.
213. mapAttachmentNotFound Error 32010 The specified attachment wasn't found, and mail wasn't sent.
214. mapAttachmentOpenFailure Error 32012 Failure on opening attachment.
215. mapAttachmentOpenFailure Error 32011 The attachment couldn't be located. Mail wasn't sent. Verify that the AttachmentPathName property is valid.
216. mapAttachmentWriteFailure Error 32013 Failure attempting to write an attachment.
217. mapAttachmentWriteFailure Error 32012 An attachment could not be written to a temporary file. Check directory permissions.
218. mapBadRecipType Error 32015 Invalid recipient type.
219. mapBadRecipType Error 32014 The type of recipient was incorrect. Valid type values are 1 (primary recipient), 2 (copy recipient), and 3 (blind copy recipient).
220. mapControlFailure Error 32056 Cannot perform action, no messages in list
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