ActiveX Errors

241. mapInvalidSession Error 32019 Invalid session.
242. mapInvalidSession Error 32019 An invalid session ID was used. To associate the MAPI messages control with a valid messaging session, set the SessionID property to the MAPI session control's SessionID.
243. mapLoginFail Error 32003 Login has failed.
244. mapLoginFail Error 32003 There was no default logon, and the user failed to log on correctly.
245. mapMessageInUse Error 32022 Message in use.
246. mapNetworkFailure Error 32023 Network failure.
247. mapNoAttachment Error 32058 Cannot perform action, no attachments
248. mapNoMessages Error 32016 No messages.
249. mapNoMessages Error 32015 Unable to find the next message.
250. mapNoRecipients Error 32057 Cannot perform action, no recipients
251. mapNoSession Error 32053 MAPI Failure: valid session ID does not exist.
252. mapNoSession Error 32053 The MAPI messages control does not have a valid session handle from the MAPI session control.
253. mapNotSupported Error 32026 Not supported.
254. mapNotSupported Error 32026 The current action is not supported by the underlying mail system.
255. mapSessionExist Error 32050 Logon failure: valid session ID already exists.
256. mapSessionExist Error 32050 The MAPI messages control is already using a valid session ID.
257. mapSuccessSuccess Error 32000 Action returned successfully.
258. mapTextTooLarge Error 32018 Text is too large.
259. mapTextTooLarge Error 32018 The text in the message was too large to send. The mail wasn't sent. Text is limited to 32K.
260. mapTooManyFiles Error 32009 Too many files.
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