ActiveX Errors

101. comPortOpen Error 8000 Operation not valid while the port is opened.
102. comPortOpen Error 8001 Timeout value must be greater than zero.
103. comReadError Error 8020 Error reading comm device.
104. comSetCommStateFailed Error 8016 Could not set comm event mask.
105. comSetCommStateFailed Error 8015 Could not set comm state.
106. comSetNotSupported Error 383 Property is read-only.
107. icAsyncThreadFailed Error 35813 Async thread failed.
108. icBadAutoProxyScript Error 35932 There is an error in the proxy auto-configuration script, so the script cannot be run.
109. icBadOptionLength Error 35776 Bad option length.
110. icbadRegistryParameter Error 35788 bad registry parameter.
111. icBadUrlL Error 35752 URL is malformed.
112. icBlewChunk Error 35758 Unable to retrieve data.
113. icCannotConnect Error 35795 Cannot connect.
114. icChgPostIsNotSecure Error 35808 Change post is not secure.
115. icClientAuthCertNeeded Error 35810 Client authorization certificate needed.
116. icClientAuthNotSetup Error 35812 Client Authorization not set up.
117. icConnectFailed Error 35754 Unable to connect to remote host.
118. icConnectionAborted Error 35796 Connection aborted.
119. icConnectionReset Error 35797 Connection reset.
120. icDialogPending Error 35815 The operation is suspended until you dismiss an open dialog box.
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