ActiveX Errors

81. ccWouldIntroduceCycle Error 35614 This would introduce a cycle.
82. ccWrongClipBoardFormat Error 461 Specified format doesn't match format of data.
83. comDCBError Error 8021 Internal error retrieving device control block for the port.
84. comGetNotSupported Error 394 Property is read-only.
85. comInvalidPropertyValue Error 380 Invalid property value.
86. comNoOpen Error 8014 Could not enable comm notification.
87. comNoOpen Error 8013 The device is already open.
88. comNoOpen Error 8012 The device is not open.
89. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8005 Port already open.
90. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8009 The default parameters are in error.
91. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8006 The device identifier is invalid or unsupported.
92. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8007 The device's baud rate is unsupported.
93. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8011 The function cannot allocate the queues.
94. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8010 The hardware is not available (locked by another device).
95. comPortAlreadyOpen Error 8008 The specified byte size is invalid.
96. comPortInvalid Error 8002 Invalid Port Number.
97. comPortInvalid Error 8003 Property available only at run time.
98. comPortInvalid Error 8004 Property is read only at runtime.
99. comPortNotOpen Error 8019 Device busy.
100. comPortNotOpen Error 8018 Operation valid only when the port is open.
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