ActiveX Errors

41. cc2SetSelEndMultiSelectOff Error 35785 Can't set SelEnd property when MultiSelect = False.
42. cc2SetSelStartMultiSelectOff Error 35786 Can't set SelStart property when MultiSelect = False.
43. cc2SetWeekMultiSelectOn Error 35782 Can't Set Week property when MultiSelect = True.
44. cc2SetYearMultiSelectOn Error 35783 Can't set Year property when MultiSelect = True.
45. cc2VideoNotOpen Error 35755 Must open AVI file first.
46. cc2WrongClipboardFormat Error 461 Specified format doesn't match format of data.
47. ccBadObjectReference Error 35610 Invalid object.
48. ccCircularReference Error 35700 Circular object referencing is not allowed.
49. ccCol1MustBeLeftAligned Error 35604 When the ListView control's View property is set to 3 (Report), the left-most column (column 1) can only be left aligned. Any attempt to set the alignment to another value will result in this error.
50. ccCollectionChangedDuringEnum Error 35606 Control's collection has been modified.
51. ccDataNotSetForFormat Error 676 Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLESetData event.
52. ccDataObjectLocked Error 672 DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of the OLEStartDrag event.
53. ccElemNotFound Error 35601 Element not found.
54. ccElemNotPartOfCollection Error 35605 This item's control has been deleted.
55. ccExpectedAnArgument Error 673 Expected at least one argument.
56. ccFormatNotByteArray Error 675 Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData
57. ccGetNotSupported Error 394 Property is write-only.
58. ccImageListLocked Error 35617 ImageList cannot be modified while another control is bound to it.
59. ccImageListMustBeInitialized Error 35613 ImageList must be initialized before it can be used.
60. ccIndexOutOfBounds Error 35600 Index out of bounds.
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