Web Status Errors

21. Not Implemented Error 501 The request cannot be carried out by the web server.
22. Not Modified Error 304 When the request header includes an 'if modified since' parameter, this error code will be returned if the file has not changed since that date. Search engine spiders (robots) can generate a lot of these errors.
23. No Content Error 204 When you click a link which has no target URL, this response is elicited by the requested server. It's silent and doesn't warn the user about anything.
24. OK Error 200 Standard HTTP response for successful requests.
25. Partial Content Error 206 "The requested file wasn't completed downloaded. For example, this message is shown when the user presses the ""Stop"" button before a page is loaded."
26. Payment Required Error 402 Payment is required. This error code is not yet operational.
27. Precondition Failed Error 412 A certain configuration is required for this file to be delivered, but the browser client has not set this up.
28. Proxy Authentication Required Error 407 The web request must be authorized before it can take place.
29. Request Entity Too Long Error 413 The requested file was too large to process.
30. Request Timed Out Error 408 The web server took longer than its time allowed to process the request. This is often caused by heavy web traffic to the server.
31. Request URI Too Long Error 414 The website address (URI) you entered was too long for the server.
32. Reset Content Error 205 This allows the web server to reset any content returned by a CGI.
33. See Other Error 303 "This error message is a ""see other"" SRC. The data is somewhere else and the GET method is used to retrieve it."
34. Service Unavailable Error 503 The service or file that is being requested is currently unavailable.
35. Switching Protocols Error 101 "When requesting a web page, your browser might receive an error status code of 101, followed by an ""Upgrade"" header showing that the requested server is changing to a different HTTP version."
36. Unsupported Media Type Error 415 The file type of the web request is unsupported.
37. Use Proxy Error 305 The recipient is expected to repeat the request via the proxy.
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