Runtime Errors

61. Error in loading DLL Error 48 A dynamic link library (DLL) is a library specified in the Lib clause of a Declare statement.
62. Error loading from file Error 31037 An error occurred while attempting to read the specified file (set Action = 12).
63. Error saving to file Error 31036 Visual Basic can't write the object to the specified file (set Action = 11 or 18).
64. Expected at least one argument Error 673 The method expected at least one argument.
65. Expression too complex Error 16 The number of subexpressions allowed in a floating-point expression varies among platforms. For example, on 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, the limit is 8 levels of nested floating-point expressions.
66. Failure in AsyncRead Error 688 A general error occurred during the AsyncRead method but no detailed information was returned.
67. File already exists Error 58 This error occurs at run time when the new file name, for example, one specified in a Name statement, is identical to a file name that already exists.
68. File already open Error 55 Sometimes a file must be closed before another Open or other operation can occur.
69. File name or class name not found during Automation operation Error 432 The GetObject function requires either a valid file name with a path specification, or the name of a class that is registered with the system.
70. File not found Error 53 The file was not found where specified.
71. For loop not initialized Error 92 For loop counters must be initialized.
72. Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation Error 285 An application refused to perform the DDE method or operation you attempted.
73. Form already displayed; can't show modally Error 400 You cant use the Show method to display a form as modal that is already visible.
74. Form not found Error 424 The form was not found.
75. How Fix Windows Error Code 0Xc004F074 Error 0xC004F074 Error 0xC004F074: Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
76. Illegal parameter. Can't write arrays Error 328 An illegal parameter was passed to the method.
77. Input past end of file Error 62 You can't read past the end-of-file position.
78. Internal error Error 51 Make sure this error wasn't generated by the Error statement or Raise method.
79. Invalid Clipboard format Error 460 The specified Clipboard format is incompatible with the method being executed.
80. Invalid control array index Error 341 You used an invalid index value to refer to an element in a control array.
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