Runtime Errors

1. A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized Error 384 The Left, Top, Height, and Width properties can't be changed on a minimized or maximized form.
2. A property or method call cannot include a reference to a private object, either as an argument or as a return value Error 98 Private objects should never be passed outside a project.
3. ActiveX component can't create object or return reference to this object Error 429 Creating objects requires that the object's class be registered in the system registry and that any associated dynamic-link libraries (DLL) be available.
4. ActiveX Component did not run correctly Error 338 The ActiveX component's .exe file failed to run correctly. There may be a problem with the information in the registry.
5. ActiveX component not correctly registered Error 336 The ActiveX component has not been properly registered in the system registry.
6. ActiveX Component not found Error 337 The required .exe or .dll file can't be found.
7. ActiveX control 'item' not found Error 363 The form being loaded contains an ActiveX control that isn't part of the current project.
8. An unknown protocol was specified in Target parameter Error 693 You must specify a valid protocol in the target parameter for the AsyncRead method.
9. Argument not optional Error 449 The number and types of arguments must match those expected.
10. Automation error Error 440 When you access Automation objects, specific types of errors can occur.
11. Automation object doesn't have a default value Error 443 When you specify an object name without a property or method, Visual Basic assumes you are referencing the object's default member (property or method). However, not all objects expose a default member.
12. Bad DLL calling convention Error 49 Arguments passed to a dynamic-link library (DLL) must exactly match those expected by the routine. Calling conventions deal with number, type, and order of arguments.
13. Bad file mode Error 54 Statements used in manipulating file contents must be appropriate to the mode in which the file was opened.
14. Bad file name or number Error 52 An error occurred trying to access the specified file.
15. Bad record length Error 59 The length of a record variable in a Get or Put statement must be the length specified in its corresponding Open statement.
16. Bad record number Error 63 An error occurred during the attempted file access.
17. Can't call Friend procedure on an object that isn't an instance of the defining class Error 97 A Friend procedure is callable from a module that is outside the class, but part of the project within which the class is defined.
18. Can't create AutoRedraw image Error 480 Visual Basic can't create a persistent bitmap for automatic redraw of the form or picture.
19. Can't create necessary temporary file Error 322 Creating an executable file requires creation of temporary files.
20. Can't empty Clipboard Error 520 The Clipboard was opened but could not be emptied.
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