Error: Code 675 - Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.

How to fix the ActiveX Error 675 cc2FormatNotByteArray

This article discusses and offers possible repair methods for the ActiveX Error Error 675, also known as cc2FormatNotByteArray. According to the developer it means Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.

About ActiveX

ActiveX is a plugin that enables faster interactions between applications and components. This plugin helps keep your computer system updated and serves as an interface that allows access of certain types of rich media content. In many cases, webpages utilize ActiveX controls for accessing and running certain functionalities. The control can enable use of rich content via a browser, making this tool a necessity for many users.

However, as useful as it may seem, this plugin can often cause problems for many users, for example errors like the one on this page 'Error Error 675'. To understand more about these problems, this page contains information about the symptoms you get when you come across cc2FormatNotByteArray, as well as its causes and the possible repair methods that you can use to address the problem.

ActiveX errors can be potentially very dangerous to your computer due to the fact that this plugin allows a high level of access to your system. You might have installed a program that can gain full access to your system registry and result in a series of errors and security issues.

Definitions (Beta)

Here we list some definitions for the words contained in your error, in an attempt to help you understand your problem. This is a work in progress, so sometimes we might define the word incorrectly, so feel free to skip this section!

  • Byte - A unit of information usually corresponding to 8 bits
  • Drag - In computer graphical user interfaces, drag is the first phase of a drag-and-drop operation
  • Ole - OLE Automation, is an inter-process communication mechanism based on Component Object Model COM.
  • Require - In interpreted languages like Lua, PHP and Ruby, "require" is a statement that tells the interpreter to include a certain source-file at that position where the "require" statement has been placed.
  • Return - A return statement causes execution to leave the current subroutine and resume at the point in the code immediately after where the subroutine was called, known as its return address
  • Array - An array is an ordered data structure consisting of a collection of elements values or variables, each identified by one single dimensional array or vector or multiple indexes

Symptoms of Error 675 - cc2FormatNotByteArray

If you are accessing online content using ActiveX and your computer suddenly freezes up, there is a small chance that ActiveX might be to blame.

Fix cc2FormatNotByteArray (Error Error 675)
(For illustrative purposes only)

You may have received a message on your screen that the ActiveX you are using has crashed or is restricted in some way.

  • "Error 675" may popup in a window and crashes the program you're currently using.
  • "Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData." may appear in an error message
  • Your PC will crash with Error 675, cc2FormatNotByteArray when running a particular program.
  • "cc2FormatNotByteArray" is displayed in a window on your screen.
  • Windows may be slow and sluggish to respond to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Your computer will occasionally freeze for a few moments.

At any rate, the error messages you receive about this plugin will hopefully provide additional information that can help you figure out where the problem occurred and how you can resolve it.

Causes of cc2FormatNotByteArray - Error 675

ActiveX errors can occur for many reasons. You might experience issues if your operating system settings have not been properly configured. Default values may have been changed in the Windows registry, which in turn, cause certain programs to crash or run incorrectly. As a result, errors may come up when you then run a system check or Windows registry repair.

Errors can also occur due to access rights. For example, you may be browsing the internet and you keep getting requests for installing the latest version of Flash. However, when you update it, it still tells you the same thing. This could be because your registry is damaged or your permission settings are incorrect.

Another cause of ActiveX errors can be due to the use of an incompatible software or ActiveX version, which differs from one third party provider to another. For example, one software provider may require you to use an earlier version and another might need the latest version to fully enable their content to run on your system. So, when you install a version that is different from the one that your applications are compatible with, you will receive a notification that your ActiveX is not working properly because you need a different plugin.

There are other instances when you may be prompted to check your system or your ActiveX because a driver is missing. This could have been caused by the removal of certain shared drivers when you uninstalled another program and your original program needs them to run.

Whatever the case may be, there are several ways to solve ActiveX problems so that your computer continues to serve its purpose.

Repair Methods

While the latest browsers are moving away from the use of ActiveX, there are still a lot of users who have not updated their system and still need it for certain processes. If you are experiencing errors with ActiveX, here are some methods for resolving your issue.

If a repair method works for you, please click the upvote button to the left of the answer, this will let other users know which repair method is currently working the best.

Please note: Neither nor it's writers claim responsibility for the results of the actions taken from employing any of the repair methods listed on this page - you complete these steps at your own risk.

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Sometimes, you are not able to run ActiveX just because you have a problem related to your IP. To resolve your DNS conflict, do the following steps:
  • Open your Network and Sharing Center. You may right click the internet icon on your system tray and click Open Network and Internet Settings. You may also go to Control Panel, then click Network and Internet, then click Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click Change adapter settings on the left side, then right click on the network on which you are connected, either Ethernet or Wireless, and click Properties.
  • Depending on whether you are using IPv4 or IPv6, highlight your Internet Protocol Version then click Properties.
  • On the window that will open, you will see items that allow you to input Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS server. Click the radio button to select that.
  • Change your DNS server to (preferred) and (secondary).
  • These are DNS resolvers so once you apply those changes and try connecting to the internet again, you should be able to connect with no problem and utilize your ActiveX controls normally.
Toolbar plugins differ between company providers. Once installed on a browser, these can display compatibility issues with ActiveX controls. To address any possibilities of plugin related issue, try the following steps:
  • Try disabling plugins that you suspect are causing the conflict.
  • You can try disabling them one at a time to see if you still get the error.
  • Reinstall ActiveX Control and check again if you still get the error when you use your plugins one by one.
  • If you are experiencing a problem that is related to a certain program, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling that program, then check if the problem persists.
You have tried reinstalling your plugin but it's still telling you that the plugin is not installed. No matter how many times you retry installation, it comes up with the same message. To resolve this, you should:
  • Download and install SubInACL.msi from Microsoft download center.
  • Download and install the plugin you have been trying to install

ActiveX can pose a security risk especially if you installed a program that is not signed or validated. Google Chrome has strict settings for disallowing plugins that seem to be a security threat.

If you happen to receive a message telling you that the plugin was stopped because your browser security settings disallow it, you should check if its a virus infection before you attempting to reinstall it. If your investigation shows that you are experiencing an access problem, then you can try lowering your security settings and installing the plugin again.

You might also be having a problem with Windows Defender. If that is the case, open your security center and lower the security settings.

We've discussed that the registry may be the reason your ActiveX is giving you an error. To resolve this, you may use the following tools:
  • Registry checker tool - this tool scans your system registry for invalid entries, you when you run into a problem with settings in the registry, you can:
    • Download Scanreg.exe via
    • Once downloaded, start the Windows Registry Checker tool by clicking Start, then Run.
    • On the open box type scanregw.exe, and then click OK.
    • You may alternately open a Command prompt and run scanreg.exe /restore then choose the registry backup on the list to restore your registry
  • System File Checker - this tool works pretty much like a registry checker but this helps you find and repair corrupted or missing system files so it takes a bit longer to run
    • To run the command, open elevated Command prompt by typing it on the search window, then right clicking Command Prompt and choosing run as administrator
    • Type sfc /scannow on the prompt and wait until verification process is successfully completed
  • Repair reinstall using your OS CD or flash drive
    • The best way to repair your system software is still reinstalling it. Repair reinstall process helps you keep your files as you repair the operating system. Though, you need to make sure you back up your file if you indeed need to clean reinstall your computer. You will need to insert your installation media and restart your computer.
    • Access your BIOS, the process differs from one computer model to another, it may be F1, F2, or Del button.
    • Once there, go to boot section, set boot to the installation disk and save settings.
    • For earlier version of Windows, you may need to tap your keyboard while you wait for the computer to access the installation disk.
    • Choose the repair utility first instead of clean installing the OS. This may save you a lot of hassles. However, if the issue continues after rebooting your computer, then just back up files and do the clean reinstall.
If you received an error that tells you your ActiveX failed to register, it will present you with a notification that tells you the name of a driver that needs to be re-registered. Take note of the driver name and follow these steps to do that:
  • Log into Safe Mode by rebooting your computer and tapping F8 to access the startup repair tools.
  • Once you are logged into Safe Mode, open Command prompt.
  • On the prompt, type "regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\xxxx.dll", where xxxx is the name of the driver that is specified in the error message.
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Wie beheben Fehler 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Nicht-intrinsische OLE-Drag-and-Drop-Formate, die mit SetData verwendet werden, erfordern Byte-Array-Daten. GetData kann mehr Bytes zurückgeben, als an SetData übergeben wurden.
Come fissare Errore 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - I formati di trascinamento della selezione OLE non intrinseci utilizzati con SetData richiedono dati di array di byte. GetData può restituire più byte di quelli forniti a SetData.
Hoe maak je Fout 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Niet-intrinsieke OLE-indelingen voor slepen en neerzetten die met SetData worden gebruikt, vereisen bytearraygegevens. GetData retourneert mogelijk meer bytes dan aan SetData is gegeven.
Comment réparer Erreur 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Les formats de glisser-déplacer OLE non intrinsèques utilisés avec SetData nécessitent des données de tableau d'octets. GetData peut renvoyer plus d'octets qu'il n'en a été donné à SetData.
어떻게 고치는 지 오류 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - SetData와 함께 사용되는 비본질 OLE 끌어서 놓기 형식에는 바이트 배열 데이터가 필요합니다. GetData는 SetData에 제공된 것보다 더 많은 바이트를 반환할 수 있습니다.
Como corrigir o Erro 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Os formatos de arrastar e soltar OLE não intrínsecos usados ​​com SetData requerem dados de matriz de bytes. GetData pode retornar mais bytes do que os dados a SetData.
Hur man åtgärdar Fel 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Icke-inneboende OLE-drag-och-släpp-format som används med SetData kräver byte-arraydata. GetData kan returnera fler byte än vad som gavs till SetData.
Как исправить Ошибка 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Не присущие OLE форматы перетаскивания, используемые с SetData, требуют данных массива байтов. GetData может вернуть больше байтов, чем было передано SetData.
Jak naprawić Błąd 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Niewewnętrzne formaty przeciągania i upuszczania OLE używane z SetData wymagają danych tablicy bajtów. GetData może zwrócić więcej bajtów niż przydzielono SetData.
Cómo arreglar Error 675 (cc2FormatNotByteArray) - Los formatos de arrastrar y soltar OLE no intrínsecos que se utilizan con SetData requieren datos de matriz de bytes. GetData puede devolver más bytes de los que se le dieron a SetData.

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