ActiveX Errors

1. rtfCannotLoadFile Error 32002 Unable to load specified file.
2. rtfDataNotSetInFormat Error 676 Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLESetData event.
3. rtfDataObjectLocked Error 672 DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of the OLEStartDrag event.
4. rtfExpectedAnArgument Error 673 Expected at least one argument.
5. rtfFormatNotByteArray Error 674 Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.
6. rtfGetNotSupported Error 394 Property is write-only.
7. rtfInvalidCharPosition Error 32000 Invalid character position.
8. rtfInvalidClassName Error 32006 Invalid or missing OLE class name.
9. rtfInvalidFileFormat Error 321 Invalid file format.
10. rtfInvalidHdc Error 32001 Invalid HDC.
11. rtfInvalidKeyName Error 32005 Invalid or missing key name.
12. rtfInvalidObject Error 32010 Invalid object.
13. rtfInvalidObjectUse Error 425 Invalid object use.
14. rtfInvalidProcedureCall Error 5 Invalid procedure call.
15. rtfInvalidPropertyArrayIndex Error 381 Invalid property array index.
16. rtfInvalidPropertyValue Error 380 Invalid property value.
17. rtfKeyNotFound Error 32007 Key does not exist.
18. rtfNonUniqueKey Error 32009 Key is not unique in collection.
19. rtfOleCreate Error 32012 Unable to create object.
20. rtfOleServer Error 32013 Unable to start server application.
21. rtfOLESourceRquired Error 32008 Required source document or class name is missing.
22. rtfOutOfMemory Error 7 Out of memory.
23. rtfPathFileAccessError Error 75 The specified path/file name cannot be accessed or is invalid.
24. rtfProtected Error 32011 The operation cannot be performed on protected text.
25. rtfSetNotPermitted Error 387 Property cannot be set.
26. rtfSetNotSupported Error 383 Property is read-only.
27. rtfWrongClipboardFormat Error 461 Specified format doesn't match format of data.
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