ActiveX Errors

1. mapAccessDenied Error 32006 Access denied.
2. mapAmbiguousRecipient Error 32021 Ambiguous recipient.
3. mapAmbiguousRecipient Error 32021 One or more recipient addresses are invalid. Make sure the addresses for the RecipAddress property are valid.
4. mapAttachmentNotFound Error 32011 Attachment not found.
5. mapAttachmentNotFound Error 32010 The specified attachment wasn't found, and mail wasn't sent.
6. mapAttachmentOpenFailure Error 32012 Failure on opening attachment.
7. mapAttachmentOpenFailure Error 32011 The attachment couldn't be located. Mail wasn't sent. Verify that the AttachmentPathName property is valid.
8. mapAttachmentWriteFailure Error 32013 Failure attempting to write an attachment.
9. mapAttachmentWriteFailure Error 32012 An attachment could not be written to a temporary file. Check directory permissions.
10. mapBadRecipType Error 32015 Invalid recipient type.
11. mapBadRecipType Error 32014 The type of recipient was incorrect. Valid type values are 1 (primary recipient), 2 (copy recipient), and 3 (blind copy recipient).
12. mapControlFailure Error 32056 Cannot perform action, no messages in list
13. mapDiskFull Error 32004 Disk is full.
14. mapDiskFull Error 32004 The disk is full. The current action could not create a disk file.
15. mapFailure Error 32002 Unspecified failure has occurred.
16. mapFailure Error 32002 An unspecified error occurred during the current action. For example, the action was unable to delete or address mail correctly.
17. mapGeneralFailure Error 32006 This is an unspecified error.
18. mapGeneralFailure Error 32007 General Failure.
19. mapInsufficientMem Error 32005 Insufficient memory.
20. mapInsufficientMem Error 32005 There is insufficient memory to proceed with the current action.
21. mapInvalidBuffer Error 32051 Property is read only when not using Compose Buffer. Set MsgIndex = 1
22. mapInvalidComposeBufferAction Error 32055 Action not valid for Compose Buffer
23. mapInvalidComposeBufferAction Error 32055 The attempted action is not valid in the Compose Buffer (MsgIndex set to 1)
24. mapInvalidEditFields Error 32024 Invalid editfields.
25. mapInvalidEditFields Error 32024 The value of the AddressEditFieldCount property is invalid. Valid values are from 0 to 4.
26. mapInvalidMessage Error 32017 Invalid message.
27. mapInvalidMessage Error 32016 An invalid message ID was used. The current action was not completed.
28. mapInvalidReadBufferAction Error 32052 Action only valid for Compose Buffer. Set MsgIndex = 1
29. mapInvalidRecipient Error 32054 No originator in the Compose Buffer.
30. mapInvalidRecipient Error 32054 You cannot see message originator information while in the Compose Buffer (MsgIndex set to 1).
31. mapInvalidRecips Error 32025 Invalid Recipients.
32. mapInvalidRecips Error 32025 One or more recipient addresses are invalid. Make sure the addresses for the RecipAddress property are valid.
33. mapInvalidSession Error 32019 Invalid session.
34. mapInvalidSession Error 32019 An invalid session ID was used. To associate the MAPI messages control with a valid messaging session, set the SessionID property to the MAPI session control's SessionID.
35. mapLoginFail Error 32003 Login has failed.
36. mapLoginFail Error 32003 There was no default logon, and the user failed to log on correctly.
37. mapMessageInUse Error 32022 Message in use.
38. mapNetworkFailure Error 32023 Network failure.
39. mapNoAttachment Error 32058 Cannot perform action, no attachments
40. mapNoMessages Error 32016 No messages.
41. mapNoMessages Error 32015 Unable to find the next message.
42. mapNoRecipients Error 32057 Cannot perform action, no recipients
43. mapNoSession Error 32053 MAPI Failure: valid session ID does not exist.
44. mapNoSession Error 32053 The MAPI messages control does not have a valid session handle from the MAPI session control.
45. mapNotSupported Error 32026 Not supported.
46. mapNotSupported Error 32026 The current action is not supported by the underlying mail system.
47. mapSessionExist Error 32050 Logon failure: valid session ID already exists.
48. mapSessionExist Error 32050 The MAPI messages control is already using a valid session ID.
49. mapSuccessSuccess Error 32000 Action returned successfully.
50. mapTextTooLarge Error 32018 Text is too large.
51. mapTextTooLarge Error 32018 The text in the message was too large to send. The mail wasn't sent. Text is limited to 32K.
52. mapTooManyFiles Error 32009 Too many files.
53. mapTooManyFiles Error 32008 Too many file attachments are contained in the message. The mail wasn't sent or read.
54. mapTooManyRecipients Error 32010 Too many recipients.
55. mapTooManyRecipients Error 32009 There are too many message recipients specified. Mail wasn't sent or read.
56. mapTooManySessions Error 32008 Too many sessions.
57. mapTooManySessions Error 32007 The user has too many sessions open at once.
58. mapTypeNotSupported Error 32020 Type not supported.
59. mapUnknownRecipient Error 32014 Unknown recipient.
60. mapUnknownRecipient Error 32013 The recipient doesn't appear in the address list. Mail wasn't sent.
61. mapUserAbort Error 32001 User canceled process.
62. mapUserAbort Error 32001 The current action was not completed because the user canceled the process.
63. mciCantCreateButton Error 30001 Can't create button.
64. mciCantCreateTimer Error 30002 Can't create a timer resource.
65. mciDataNotSetForFormat Error 676 Requested data was not supplied to the DataObject during the OLESetData event.
66. mciExpectedArgument Error 673 Expected at least one argument.
67. mciFormatNotByteArray Error 675 Non-intrinsic OLE drag and drop formats used with SetData require Byte array data. GetData may return more bytes than were given to SetData.
68. mciGetNotSupported Error 394 Property is write-only.
69. mciInvalidObjectUse Error 425 Invalid object use.
70. mciInvalidProcedureCall Error 5 Invalid procedure call.
71. mciInvalidProertyValue Error 380 invalid property value.
72. mciObjectLocked Error 672 DataObject formats list may not be cleared or expanded outside of the OLEStartDrag event.
73. mciRecursiveOleDrag Error 674 Illegal recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop.
74. mciSetNotSupported Error 383 Property is read-only.
75. mciUnsupportedFunction Error 30004 Unsupported function.
76. mciWrongClipboardFormat Error 461 Specified format doesn't match format of data.
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