Windows Errors

1. Error 0x00000003 0x00000003 INVALID_AFFINITY_SET.
2. Error 0x85010014 0x85010014
3. Error 0x800703fa 0x800703fa Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion
4. Error 0x800700e 0x800700e The specified module could not be found.
5. Error 0x80070241 0x80070241
6. Error 0x8007064a 0x8007064a
7. Error 0x8007048f 0x8007048f The device has been disconnected or unplugged.
8. Error 0x000000c1 0x000000c1
9. Error 0x0000409 0x0000409 unknown software exception
10. Error 0xc00000ba 0xc00000ba Windows boot error
11. Error 0x80070050 0x80070050
12. Error 0x80070246 0x80070246 An invalid character was encountered.
13. Error 0x800c0155 0x800c0155 Windows Live Mail could not be started
14. Error 0x2efd 0x2efd Could not complete the operation
15. Error 0x80040605 0x80040605
16. Error 0x80070666 0x80070666
17. Error 0x0000052e 0x0000052e
18. Error 0x80096005 0x80096005
19. Error 0x406 0x406
20. Error 0x80090308 0x80090308
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