Windows Errors

61. Error 0x80040702 0x80040702 Failed to load DLL: GameuxInstallHelper
62. Error 0x000003eb 0x000003eb
63. Error 0x8007041d 0x8007041d
64. Error 0x80004001 0x80004001 This error code occurs due to several reasons like improper installation of Outlook, anti-virus issues, damaged/corrupt .pst file, etc.
65. Error 0x80070052 0x80070052 The directory or file can not be created
66. Error 0x80070008 0x80070008 Temporary connection errors when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update
67. Error 0x8009000f 0x8009000f Object Already Exists
68. Error 0xc0150004 0xc0150004 The application failed to initialize properly
69. Error 0x80070043 0x80070043
70. Error 0x80040707 0x80040707 Setup Will Now Terminate.
71. Error 0x800706b5 0x800706b5 Windows update encountered an unknown error.
72. Error 0x800cccof 0x800cccof Windows Mail error code
73. Error 0x80070522 0x80070522
74. Error 0x80070037 0x80070037 Virtual machines are missing, or error 0x800704C8, 0x80070037, or 0x800703E3 occurs when you try to start or create a virtual machine
75. Error 0x80096002 0x80096002 Windows Update Standalone Installer error
76. Error 0x80080008 0x80080008
77. Error 0x80070663 0x80070663 No valid sequence could be found for the set of patches.
78. Error 0x8007045b 0x8007045b
79. Error 0x800f0203 0x800f0203
80. Error 0x800704c7 0x800704c7
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