Windows Errors

21. Error 0xc00000005 0xc00000005
22. Error 0x5b4 0x5b4
23. Error 0x800423f3 0x800423f3 VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RETRYABLE
24. Error 0x80040116 0x80040116 Outlook.pst cannot be accessed
25. Error 0x800b010e 0x800b010e
26. Error 0x80072ee4 0x80072ee4
27. Error 0x0000007 0x0000007 Memory Leak
28. Error 0x85100084 0x85100084 Fatal exception
29. Error 0x800300fd 0x800300fd
30. Error 0x80010135 0x80010135 his error is a Windows Update error, which appears to suggest that the Windows Update Agent is broken.
31. Error 0x80070543 0x80070543 Windows Update Error Message
32. Error 0x8004011c 0x8004011c
33. Error 0x0409 0x0409
34. Error 0xc0000094 0xc0000094
35. Error 0x8007274d 0x8007274d
36. Error 0x80190197 0x80190197
37. Error 0x80070005 0x80070005
38. Error 0xe0000002 0xe0000002
39. Error 0x8007003 0x8007003
40. Error 0x80041006 0x80041006
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