ActiveX Errors

61. ccInvalidKey Error 35603 Invalid key.
62. ccInvalidObjectUse Error 425 Invalid object use.
63. ccInvalidPicture Error 481 Invalid picture.
64. ccInvalidProcedureCall Error 5 Invalid procedure call.
65. ccInvalidPropertyValue Error 380 Invalid property value.
66. ccInvalidPropertyValue Error 380 A value has been assigned to a property, that is outside its permissible range.
67. ccInvalidSafeModeProcCall Error 680 Invalid procedure call in Safe mode.
68. ccMaxButtonsExceeded Error 35619 Maximum Buttons Exceeded.
69. ccMaxPanelsExceeded Error 35616 Maximum Panels Exceeded.
70. ccMissingRequiredArg Error 35607 Required argument is missing.
71. ccNonUniqueKey Error 35602 Key is not unique in collection.
72. ccNotSameSize Error 35615 All images in list must be same size.
73. ccObjectVariableNotSet Error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set.
74. ccOutOfMemory Error 7 Out of memory. The operation could not allocate enough memory.
75. ccReadOnlyIfHasImages Error 35611 Property is read-only if image list contains images.
76. ccRecursiveOleDrag Error 674 Illegal recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop.
77. ccSetNotPermitted Error 387 Property can't be set on this control.
78. ccSetNotSupported Error 383 Property is read-only.
79. ccSetNotSupportedAtRuntime Error 382 Property cannot be set at run time.
80. ccTypeMismatch Error 13 Type Mismatch. One of the arguments could not be converted to the correct data type.
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