ActiveX Errors

21. cc2InvalidMinDate Error 35772 An invalid value was specified for the MinDate property.
22. cc2InvalidMinDateMax Error 35775 A value was specified for the MinDate property that is higher than the current value of MaxDate.
23. cc2InvalidObjectUse Error 425 Invalid object use.
24. cc2InvalidProcedureCall Error 5 Invalid procedure call.
25. cc2InvalidPropertyValue Error 380 Invalid property value.
26. cc2InvalidRange Error 35770 An invalid date range was specified.
27. cc2InvalidRowColTotal Error 35777 A value was specified for MonthRows that would cause the total number of months (ie. MonthRows * MonthCols) to be greater than 12.
28. cc2InvalidRowColValue Error 35776 A value was specified for MonthRows or MonthColumns that is not between 1 and 12.
29. cc2MonthViewError Error 35778 An error occurred in a call to the Windows MonthView control.
30. cc2NoUpDownAsBuddy Error 35761 An UpDown control cannot be buddied with another UpDown control.
31. cc2NoValidBuddyCtl Error 35754 BuddyControl property must be set first.
32. cc2NullValueNotAllowed Error 35787 Can't set Value to NULL when CheckBox property = FALSE.
33. cc2RecursiveOleDrag Error 674 Illegal recursive invocation of OLE drag and drop.
34. cc2ScrollValueOutOfRange Error 35789 Scroll value is out of range.
35. cc2SetDayMultiSelectOn Error 35779 Can't set Day property when MultiSelect = True.
36. cc2SetDayOfWeekMultiSelectOn Error 35780 Can't set DayOfWeek property when MultiSelect = True.
37. cc2SetMaxSelCountMultiSelectOff Error 35784 Can't set MaxSelCount property when MultiSelect = False.
38. cc2SetMonthMultiSelectOn Error 35781 Can't set Month property when MultSelect = True.
39. cc2SetNotSupported Error 383 Property is read-only.
40. cc2SetNotSupportedAtRuntime Error 382 Property cannot be set at runtime.
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