Windows Errors

1. Error 0x00000003 0x00000003 INVALID_AFFINITY_SET.
2. Error 0x85010014 0x85010014
3. Error 0x800703fa 0x800703fa Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion
4. Error 0x800700e 0x800700e The specified module could not be found.
5. Error 0x80070241 0x80070241
6. Error 0x8007064a 0x8007064a
7. Error 0x8007048f 0x8007048f The device has been disconnected or unplugged.
8. Error 0x000000c1 0x000000c1
9. Error 0x0000409 0x0000409 unknown software exception
10. Error 0xc00000ba 0xc00000ba Windows boot error
11. Error 0x80070050 0x80070050
12. Error 0x80070246 0x80070246 An invalid character was encountered.
13. Error 0x800c0155 0x800c0155 Windows Live Mail could not be started
14. Error 0x2efd 0x2efd Could not complete the operation
15. Error 0x80040605 0x80040605
16. Error 0x80070666 0x80070666
17. Error 0x0000052e 0x0000052e
18. Error 0x80096005 0x80096005
19. Error 0x406 0x406
20. Error 0x80090308 0x80090308
21. Error 0xc00000005 0xc00000005
22. Error 0x5b4 0x5b4
23. Error 0x800423f3 0x800423f3 VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RETRYABLE
24. Error 0x80040116 0x80040116 Outlook.pst cannot be accessed
25. Error 0x800b010e 0x800b010e
26. Error 0x80072ee4 0x80072ee4
27. Error 0x0000007 0x0000007 Memory Leak
28. Error 0x85100084 0x85100084 Fatal exception
29. Error 0x800300fd 0x800300fd
30. Error 0x80010135 0x80010135 his error is a Windows Update error, which appears to suggest that the Windows Update Agent is broken.
31. Error 0x80070543 0x80070543 Windows Update Error Message
32. Error 0x8004011c 0x8004011c
33. Error 0x0409 0x0409
34. Error 0xc0000094 0xc0000094
35. Error 0x8007274d 0x8007274d
36. Error 0x80190197 0x80190197
37. Error 0x80070005 0x80070005
38. Error 0xe0000002 0xe0000002
39. Error 0x8007003 0x8007003
40. Error 0x80041006 0x80041006
41. Error 0x8002801d 0x8002801d Application crash
42. Error 0x8000405 0x80004005
43. Error 0x800420cd 0x800420cd Windows Live Mail error
44. Error 0x000006be 0x000006be Operation could not be completed
45. Error 0xc0000008 0xc0000008 Exception in a Host Integration Server 2010 environment
46. Error 0x8007045a 0x8007045a ERROR_DLL_INIT_FAILED
47. Error 0x800736cc 0x800736cc
48. Error 0x8004100e 0x8004100e You do not have permission or the server is unreachable
49. Error 0x80070571 0x80070571 The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable
50. Error 0x000005b3 0x000005b3
51. Error 0x80070103 0x80070103
52. Error 0xc000009a 0xc000009a
53. Error 0xc004f069 0xc004f069
54. Error 0x80004003 0x80004003 Invalid Pointer
55. Error 0x0000000000000003 0x0000000000000003 The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck
56. Error 0x800cccoe 0x800cccoe
57. Error 0x800704c8 0x800704c8 Virtual machines are missing
58. Error 0x409 0x409
59. Error 0xc000022 0xc0000022
60. Error 0x0000000 0x00000000 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
61. Error 0x80040702 0x80040702 Failed to load DLL: GameuxInstallHelper
62. Error 0x000003eb 0x000003eb
63. Error 0x8007041d 0x8007041d
64. Error 0x80004001 0x80004001 This error code occurs due to several reasons like improper installation of Outlook, anti-virus issues, damaged/corrupt .pst file, etc.
65. Error 0x80070052 0x80070052 The directory or file can not be created
66. Error 0x80070008 0x80070008 Temporary connection errors when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update
67. Error 0x8009000f 0x8009000f Object Already Exists
68. Error 0xc0150004 0xc0150004 The application failed to initialize properly
69. Error 0x80070043 0x80070043
70. Error 0x80040707 0x80040707 Setup Will Now Terminate.
71. Error 0x800706b5 0x800706b5 Windows update encountered an unknown error.
72. Error 0x800cccof 0x800cccof Windows Mail error code
73. Error 0x80070522 0x80070522
74. Error 0x80070037 0x80070037 Virtual machines are missing, or error 0x800704C8, 0x80070037, or 0x800703E3 occurs when you try to start or create a virtual machine
75. Error 0x80096002 0x80096002 Windows Update Standalone Installer error
76. Error 0x80080008 0x80080008
77. Error 0x80070663 0x80070663 No valid sequence could be found for the set of patches.
78. Error 0x8007045b 0x8007045b
79. Error 0x800f0203 0x800f0203
80. Error 0x800704c7 0x800704c7
81. Error 0x80000003 0x80000003 Outlook crash due to corruption in Outlook data file (.pst or .ost)
82. Error 0x8007042c 0x8007042c
83. Error 0x00000643 0x00000643 Operation could not be completed.
84. Error 0x80070079 0x80070079
85. Error 0x80041002 0x80041002
86. Error 0x800706f7 0x800706f7
87. Error 0x80041004 0x80041004 The PDF Protector does not support the specified file for native protection.
89. Error 0x0000005 0x0000005 The application was unable to start correctly.
90. Error 0x4000d 0x4000d 0The installation failed at the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation.
91. Error 0x80190194 0x80190194 Microsoft Exchange offline address book error.
92. Error 0xc004f050 0xc004f050 This problem occurs if the license validity interval has expired, or if the license is not signed correctly.
93. Error 0x80090326 0x80090326
94. Error 0x8000000a 0x8000000a Handles to objects have been automatically closed because of the requested operation.
95. Error 0xffffffffc0000005 0xffffffffc0000005 This error (7E) is usually a driver issue and display adapter (video)
96. Error 0xc0000006 0xc0000006 The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status.
97. Error 0x800706d9 0x800706d9
98. Error 0x800106ba 0x800106ba
99. Error 0x80070001 0x80070001 A write request was made to a resource on the device that was opened in Read mode using IPortableDeviceResources::GetStream, or a read request was made to a resource opened for Write or Create.
100. Error 0x80070015 0x80070015 May be used to indicate that an operation is not initialized correctly. This usually indicates an internal error, or that the application is using a stale device handle.
101. Error 0xc0150002 0xc0150002 Windows was unble to process the application binding information.
102. Error 0x800700c1 0x800700c1 Normally an incorrect USS detection.dll
103. Error 0x80070006 0x80070006 0x80070006 error code generally found in Windows updates when it is in auto-update settings.
104. Error 0x40000015 0x40000015 The exception unknown software exception.
105. Error 0x80041003 0x80041003 Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected
106. Error 0x8007001f 0x8007001f It is actually a generic error message, but it indicates either a problem with a link between two drives, or in some cases, a problem with the audio driver.
107. Error 0x800706be 0x800706be
108. Error 0x8007007e 0x8007007e The specified module could not be found.
109. Error 0x80070652 0x80070652 Error 80070652 means that a previous installation has not been completed successfully.
110. Error 0xc0000135 0xc0000135 Application Error: The application failed to initialize properly.
111. Error 0xc000001d 0xc000001d When you try to play a video file on some MIPS-processor-based devices that run Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, Microsoft Windows Media Player closes, or you receive a "0xC000001D : Illegal Instruction" error message.
112. Error 0x80040600 0x80040600 The Outlook �0x80040600� error can occur in any version of Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013) and usually means that the Outlook archive file (commonly named �Outlook.pst�) has been corrupted or damaged because of a power corruption, disk damage,
113. Error 0x80096004 0x80096004 The 0X80096004 error may be caused by windows system files damage.
114. Error 0x800700b7 0x800700b7 Error 0x800700b7 means an unspecified issue has occurred, which is preventing the Application which in this case is the rstrui (System Restore) application to restore the system to an earlier restore point.
115. Error 0x8007007b 0x8007007b
116. Error 0x8007232b 0x8007232b
117. Error 0x8007000e 0x8007000e This is common error code format used by windows and other windows compatible software and driver vendors.
118. Error 0x8007007a 0x8007007a Error code 8007007a with Windows Live Mail, or the Windows 10 Mail app means that the app is unable to send an e-mail.
119. Error 0x800706ba 0x800706ba This error is likely caused by the RPC ports being blocked between the servers involved in the communication or server process you are trying to complete.
120. Error 0xc0000409 0xc0000409
121. Error 0x80070426 0x80070426 An error occurred in program initialization.
122. Error 0x80073712 0x80073712 This issue may occur if the Component-Based Servicing (CBS) manifest is corrupted.
123. Error 0x8007000d 0x8007000d The System account by default has Full Control permissions to the registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumRoot and any subkeys.If those permissions have been altered for the 'Root' key or any subkey(s), we would see the error
124. Error 0x80070422 0x80070422 This error "may" occur when the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is disabled.
125. Error 0x8004010f 0x8004010f This issue is caused by the corrupted Outlook profile.
126. Error 0xc000012f 0xc000012f
127. Error 0x80070020 0x80070020
128. Error 0x80040154 0x80040154 0x80040154 is a typical �class not registered� error message.
129. Error 0x8007045d 0x8007045d the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
130. Error 0xc0000022 0xc0000022 Incorrect permissions to a particular file.
131. Error 0x80070570 0x80070570 Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing.
132. Error 0x80070003 0x80070003 This problem occurs when some files in the Windows Update are missing, even though the update is downloaded and extracted successfully.�
133. Error 0xc0000142 0xc0000142 Error�0xc0000142�can occur in any of the Windows versions and usually occurs when an application fails to properly initialize. Specifically,�0xc0000142�can occur due to the following reasons: Data overload. Broken or missing system files. Startup
134. Error C00D1199 C00D1199
135. Error C0000374 C0000374
136. Error C0000005 C0000005
137. Error 9C59 9C59
138. Error 9C57 9C57
139. Error 9C48 9C48
140. Error 9C47 9C47
141. Error 9C44 9C44
142. Error 9C 9C
143. Error 93 9 93 9
144. Error 93 8 93 8
145. Error 92H 92H
146. Error 8E5E0247 8E5E0247
147. Error 8E5E0211 8E5E0211
148. Error 8506, 421 8506, 421
149. Error 8024A000 8024A000
150. Error 800F0922 800F0922
151. Error 800F0902 800F0902
152. Error 800F081F 800F081F
153. Error 800F020B 800F020B
154. Error 800CCC0F 800CCC0F
155. Error 800CCC0E 800CCC0E
156. Error 800B0100 800B0100
157. Error 800B0001 800B0001
158. Error 800A1391 800A1391
159. Error 800A03EC 800A03EC
160. Error 800A03EA 800A03EA
161. Error 800A03E8 800A03E8
162. Error 800A025E 800A025E
163. Error 800A01AD 800A01AD
164. Error 800A01A8 800A01A8
165. Error 80072FA8 80072FA8
166. Error 80072F8F 80072F8F
167. Error 80072F78 80072F78
168. Error 80072F19 80072F19
169. Error 80072F0D 80072F0D
170. Error 80072EFF 80072EFF
171. Error 80072EFE 80072EFE
172. Error 80072EFD 80072EFD
173. Error 80072EF3 80072EF3
174. Error 80072EE7 80072EE7
175. Error 80072EE2 80072EE2
176. Error 80071A91 80071A91
177. Error 80071A90 80071A90
178. Error 80070BC9 80070BC9
179. Error 8004FF80 8004FF80
180. Error 80029C4A 80029C4A
181. Error 8000FFFF 8000FFFF
183. Error 0xFFFF 0xFFFF
184. Error 0xE06D7363 0xE06D7363
185. Error 0xE001D02B 0xE001D02B
186. Error 0xE001D027 0xE001D027
187. Error 0xE0018D32 0xE0018D32
188. Error 0xE001003D 0xE001003D
189. Error 0xC06D007E 0xC06D007E
190. Error 0xC0070643 0xC0070643
191. Error 0xC004F074 0xC004F074
192. Error 0xC004F063 0xC004F063
193. Error 0xC004F012 0xC004F012
194. Error 0xC004E003 0xC004E003
195. Error 0xC004C032 0xC004C032
196. Error 0xC004C020 0xC004C020
197. Error 0xC004C008 0xC004C008
198. Error 0xC004C003 0xC004C003
199. Error 0xC00007B 0xC00007B
200. Error 0xC0000374 0xC0000374
201. Error 0xC00000FD 0xC00000FD
202. Error 0xC00000E9 0xC00000E9
203. Error 0xC0000005 0xC0000005
204. Error 0xC 0xC
205. Error 0x8E5E0247 0x8E5E0247
206. Error 0x8CCC0003 0x8CCC0003
207. Error 0x8AC70907 0x8AC70907
208. Error 0x8AC70013 0x8AC70013
209. Error 0x88982F72 0x88982F72
210. Error 0x80FE0000 0x80FE0000
211. Error 0x80EF01F4 0x80EF01F4
212. Error 0x80EE000C 0x80EE000C
213. Error 0x8024D007 0x8024D007
214. Error 0x8024D001 0x8024D001
215. Error 0x800F0906 0x800F0906
216. Error 0x800F0826 0x800F0826
217. Error 0x800F081F 0x800F081F
218. Error 0x800CCCE0 0x800CCCE0
219. Error 0x800CCCDF 0x800CCCDF
220. Error 0x800CCCDE 0x800CCCDE
221. Error 0x800CCCDD 0x800CCCDD
222. Error 0x800CCCDC 0x800CCCDC
223. Error 0x800CCCDB 0x800CCCDB
224. Error 0x800CCCDA 0x800CCCDA
225. Error 0x800CCCD9 0x800CCCD9
226. Error 0x800CCCD8 0x800CCCD8
227. Error 0x800CCCD7 0x800CCCD7
228. Error 0x800CCCD6 0x800CCCD6
229. Error 0x800CCCD2 0x800CCCD2
230. Error 0x800CCCAE 0x800CCCAE
231. Error 0x800CCC92 0x800CCC92
232. Error 0x800CCC90 0x800CCC90
233. Error 0x800CCC7B 0x800CCC7B
234. Error 0x800CCC79 0x800CCC79
235. Error 0x800CCC78 0x800CCC78
236. Error 0x800CCC6F 0x800CCC6F
237. Error 0x800CCC67 0x800CCC67
238. Error 0x800CCC45 0x800CCC45
239. Error 0x800CCC1A 0x800CCC1A
240. Error 0x800CCC19 0x800CCC19
241. Error 0x800CCC18 0x800CCC18
242. Error 0x800CCC17 0x800CCC17
243. Error 0x800CCC16 0x800CCC16
244. Error 0x800CCC15 0x800CCC15
245. Error 0x800CCC14 0x800CCC14
246. Error 0x800CCC13 0x800CCC13
247. Error 0x800CCC12 0x800CCC12
248. Error 0x800CCC11 0x800CCC11
249. Error 0x800CCC10 0x800CCC10
250. Error 0x800CCC0F 0x800CCC0F
251. Error 0x800CCC0E 0x800CCC0E
252. Error 0x800CCC0D 0x800CCC0D
253. Error 0x800CCC0C 0x800CCC0C
254. Error 0x800CCC0B 0x800CCC0B
255. Error 0x800CCC0A 0x800CCC0A
256. Error 0x800CCC09 0x800CCC09
257. Error 0x800CCC08 0x800CCC08
258. Error 0x800CCC07 0x800CCC07
259. Error 0x800CCC06 0x800CCC06
260. Error 0x800CCC05 0x800CCC05
261. Error 0x800CCC04 0x800CCC04
262. Error 0x800CCC03 0x800CCC03
263. Error 0x800CCC02 0x800CCC02
264. Error 0x800CCC01 0x800CCC01
265. Error 0x800CCC00 0x800CCC00
266. Error 0x800C0005 0x800C0005
267. Error 0x800B0109 0x800B0109
268. Error 0x800B0101 0x800B0101
269. Error 0x800B0100 0x800B0100
270. Error 0x800B0001 0x800B0001
271. Error 0x800A03EC 0x800A03EC
272. Error 0x8007F0F4 0x8007F0F4
273. Error 0x80073CF9 0x80073CF9
274. Error 0x80073B01 0x80073B01
275. Error 0x80072F8F 0x80072F8F
276. Error 0x80072F78 0x80072F78
277. Error 0x80072EFF 0x80072EFF
278. Error 0x80072EFE 0x80072EFE
279. Error 0x80072EFD 0x80072EFD
280. Error 0x80072EE7 0x80072EE7
281. Error 0x80072EE2 0x80072EE2
282. Error 0x80070BC9 0x80070BC9
283. Error 0x800705AA 0x800705AA
284. Error 0x80070490 0x80070490
285. Error 0x80070005 0x80070005
286. Error 0x80070002 0x80070002
287. Error 0x8007 0x8007
288. Error 0x80040E14 0x80040E14
289. Error 0x8000FFFF 0x8000FFFF
290. Error 0x80004002 0x80004002
291. Error 0x800 0x800
292. Error 0x80 0x80
293. Error 0x7F 0x7F
294. Error 0x7E 0x7E
295. Error 0x6D9 0x6D9
296. Error 0x663 0x663
297. Error 0x645 0x645
298. Error 0x643 0x643
299. Error 0x6 0x6
300. Error 0x5 0x5
301. Error 0x4FF02 0x4FF02
302. Error 0x490 0x490
303. Error 0x4004F00C 0x4004F00C
304. Error 0x2AFC 0x2AFC
305. Error 0x2 0x2
306. Error 0x1F 0x1F
307. Error 0x15 0x15
308. Error 0x1200E 0x1200E
309. Error 0x1106 0x1106
310. Error 0x101A 0x101A
311. Error 0x1 0x1
312. Error 0x0EEDFADE 0x0EEDFADE
313. Error 0x02 0x02
314. Error 0x00005 0x00005
315. Error 0x00000E9 0x00000E9
316. Error 0x0 0x0
317. Error 0x 0x
318. Error 8921252 8921252
319. Error 8920223 8920223
320. Error 8506421 8506421
321. Error 8505129 8505129
322. Error 8504106 8504106
323. Error 8504101 8504101
324. Error 8504100 8504100
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