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Microsoft OLE DB driver error for ODBC driver "80004005" [Microsoft] [Access ODBC driver 97 ODBC driver] invalid syntax "

Please note that I just invented this error message, so please do not send emails asking how you can get this error by entering your name!

You get one of those views from your boss who says, “I hope you did not expect a positive performance review.”

There is nothing worse for the end user than seeing these terrible ADO errors. They are poorly formatted, mysterious and make the user think what to do. Your average end user does not know ODBC from OLE. How can you avoid these nasty error messages?

First, you need to add the following at the top of the ASP page:

<% On Error Resume Next%>
This tells ASP to simply ignore errors instead of stopping execution and displaying an inconvenient error message. You may be tempted to continue in the same vein. Otherwise, and if errors occur, your users will not know about them. You will think that your information has been saved correctly, although this is not due to an ADO error.


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